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Scientist: My findings are pointless when taken out of context.
Media: Scientist claims "findings are pointless"

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Can someone update me on this whole PewDiePie thing?

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Basically PewDiePie has been trolling the media for a while now because all they do is write hit pieces about him, and it culminated with him going on fiverr.com and paying some indian dudes to make a video holding up a sign that said kill all the jews. After he showed the video a bunch of major media sites declared him a nazi as is standard for people that don't fall in the progressive line. Sargon does a pretty good job explaining everything more in depth if you care to know more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC5LyaCdpEI

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Thanks, as an old fart this is all shit I tend to ignore as it's so far out of my realm of experience that it never registers a blip. Low level background noise would be a good metaphor. The video (I nearly Never watch youtube videos, and I can guarantee I've never watched a 31 minute long one, in its entirety, before) was good for laying out the info with needed backstory.

Pisses me off, but WTF am I supposed to do? I already don't have TV, don't pay for movies, don't visit WSJ/Disney webpages (and have scripting and ads blocked in any case). They don't care about words, just money and I'm already not giving them any.

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Beat me to the punch. His synopsis, and most of his content, is well worth the watch.

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He came out as pro trump a little while back. He has a huge following of young people and the mainstream media doesn't like that he has been speaking honestly and openly about sjws and such. More recently he made a couple jew jokes and the media has been trying to paint him as a goose stepping anti semite. His followers know that's bullshit so it has back fired and he's getting a ton of publicity off it. Disney dropped him over it if I'm not mistaken.

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Bullshit. Being pro-Trump is not related to this backlash. He posted some anti-Semitic stuff that we would laugh at online but is taken very seriously in the media.

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He said sorry to anyone that actually thought he loved Hitler. Then he flipped off WSJ for their hit piece.

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they are claiming this guys is a rayscist for makeing a jjoke.... its defamation

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Currently PewDiePie has about half as many "subscribers" as cable TV. His audience is a mostly young people which is the market they have pretty much lost as customers... Not only is his audience going to receive his message but many of other big youtubers are going to come to his defense and spread the message.

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The man has a following of over 50 million and is not only dropping redpills on the media, but now is dropping redpills on 9/11. The absolute madman.

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Very good point!

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Pewds knows exactly what he's doing. Taking something out of context is one thing. You can't take 2 pakis holding a sign that says 'death to all jews' out of context.

The real issue and what Pewds is saying, is 'Who gives a shit?'

So when people are saying that he's being taken out of context, they've got it wrong. The real response is, it's humour, who cares.

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never liked the guy, still dont like him.

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The mainstream medias corruption is so apparent it just can't even try to hide it by virtue of it's very design. It's become a parody of itself at this point.

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