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Honestly. Who are you or anyone else to decide who "looks" like an "upstanding, hard-working guy?" You should see what some people come into work wearing at the news outlet where I work. Yoga pants and hooded tops all round, and there nothing wrong with that. I've seen people coming into work dressed like this guy, and nobody has complained so what's the problem?


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Do you work at Huffington Post?


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at the news outlet where I work

Real news or fake news?

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We're an equal opportunities employer if you must know. And I wouldn't say were we're majority white. I've met African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Japanese, Chinese and White people during my time both here and at the numerous places I have worked in the last decade or so. And most are American citizens most of whose whose families have been here for decades. I said most are American citizens not all, but we respect people equally whether they are citizens or not. The way people dress is the least of our concerns and neither should it be.


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FirstnameLastname username?

SJW 'tolerant' talking points?

That's a CTR formula if I've ever seen one.


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Rather than repeat myself, I'll just lazily link to a previous comment of mine about this cunt.

edit: and of course they deleted the comment that started that whole chain. CTR faggot cunt confirmed yet again.