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Haha no. It really wasn't that long ago.


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I'd say it started be OK to hate white people around Bill Clinton's first term. That's when media began playing the "hate on Caucasian" schtick. I wanna say around '92ish.


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Really I'm 24. I guess as a kid I wouldn't have knows. Honestly technology in elementary/middle school weren't big like now of days. I'm a bus driver kids are all over their iPads and phones in middle school wasn't like that even 6 years ago.Let alone a lot of kids didn't own a cellPhones in my highschool years. My school days after middle school weren't browsing reddit and Facebook, It was getting on AIM and talking about which girl gave me the biggest boner to my friends. Really the world is changing to fast for me. Older people probably think it's been technology driven for 30 years. Truth is I'm not even use to the amount of kids who have this type of technology at such a young age.