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3000 years ago: child why are you speaking? Go feed the horses.

1000 years ago: page, why art thou addressing me? Perform thy duties and tendeth the horses.

200 years ago: Respect your elders and curb your tongue child. You will learn how the world works eventually. Now run along to the stables.

2017: Oh you are 11 and think you are a boy instead of a girl? Let's hop you up on hormone repressors because you are 11 and you know what's best for you.


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Solution: return to riding horses.


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Its henry ford's fault, we told him we wanted faster horses not a model T!!


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With the rising prices of gasoline maybe. All it takes is one bad economic depression, its happened before:

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Reading your comment makes me so happy. It let's me know that all the good posters have left reddit. I hadn't seen a decent comment like this on there in ages. Soon the whiny shit tards of reddit will be coming here because all the good content and posts will be here and then they will start demanding not to be offended. Let's make sure this place stays uncensored and litmus test from time to time, "Niggers, kikes, and spics should punch fat women because they are all bitches"


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I know what you mean.

One thing comes to mind though reading your litmus test. I have not seen Good Morning Vietnam shown on TV in a really long time. Great movie...Robin Williams, an a number of others, but at one point in the movies he runs off a string of slurs that goes similar to: 'then before you know it you're just left with the chinks, the gooks, the spicks and the spooks'.

Probably too harsh for the pansy-people?


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at this point there's plenty of "Children" who have a better idea of how the world works thanks to neglect and the internet. huh.


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Note that the problem races never domesticated horses until either the Chinese or Europeans showed them how.