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We need to get off of race and discuss culture. There are lots of people who have no problem with skin color, they hate rednecks cultural behavior. . There are people who have no problems with black skin, they hate american ghetto culture that can be quantifiably defined. That is why they can honestly say "i have black friends" They DO have black friends, They just don't have black friends thst identify with many of the ghetto black cultural behaviors. The same goes for gays. Nobody hates a homosexual who keeps his private life private. Very few people hate a gay person who is out of the closet but not pointing it out to anyone, los of peole hate fags who push the gay rights agenda past the limits until it is annoying, and then there are faggots who ruin it for all gays by marching around in parades with flags with dildos and butt plugs on them proclaiming that anyone who doesn't love their behavior is a closet queen. Even gays dislike them.

It is BEHAVIOR that people abhor in the day to day world. The real racists and anti all gay people are behind closed doors wondering what the hell happened to all of their support.


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Yep. I've said it often before: Nigger isn't a skin color, nigger is an attitude.


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AKA, the Voat consensus.


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Black and nigger mean the same thing, a color! Subsaharan cannibal is the culture we are trying to hide by referring to colors, I wonder why?


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damn good comment i think

there's a lot more that could be said regarding how and why these divides came to be and why LGBT lifestyles are actively promoted

we are products of our environment and our environment, as far as the information we consume, is dictated, ultimately, by a rather small bunch of people


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Excellent comment sir. I do believe you have a handle on it.


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We need to get off of race and discuss culture.

Yea. Case in point: Go to Australia or New Zealand, where 20%+ of the population were degenerates, criminals, outcasts, inbred rednecks, or people who otherwise fucked up so bad that they had no other choice but be sent there (i.e. fucked up in their military service and got shipped there). It's not something in the past: Walk around those places today and still about 30% of the population are bogans.

Still, those countries are much nicer to live in than America. People are fucking nice. People will help you. People will pull over the side of the road and offer you a hand. Walk around Melbourne: there's no such thing as ghettos. If you want to play basketball, volleyball, you just go play, you won't encounter racism for not being black when the courts are filled with blacks (i.e. the case in Boston and NYC in my experience). People there know how to behave, unlike in America.

That being said, the toxic "more liberal than thou" culture is infiltrating those countries.