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A little old but gold, Malik redpilled af

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Is this really Malik Obama or just a trolling /pol/ack? If it's real I'm astounded, I wouldn't let him eat with my silverware but he seems o.k. .

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Ya it is him. He totally embraced the 4chan memeing as they were praising him

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It always blows my mind that an Obama can be so based.

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He also expressed support for Trump on a TV interview

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Trump needs a based Obama on his team.

Malik for ambassador to Kenya?

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The Obama legacy could still be repaired! The family name has not 100% become synonymous with horse shit just yet!

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Secretary of Shitposting. I'm always about smaller government, but this is one cabinet position I'd love to see added.

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Clearly the wrong Obama was voted POTUS...

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