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Except SJWs do affect real world: people are fired, reputations ruined

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Great Emperors are meme'd into the whitehouse.

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Seriously. Did C&H miss the Meme Wars? Most people getting info from social media?

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His meme game is weak.

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That night Little Timmy doxxed his dad who was subsequently harassed for the next three months and lost his job due to an over abundance of complaints filed with his employer.

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Yeah, I have to disagree. What happens on the internet affects 'the real world,' and vis versa.

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I think this comic could apply to online petitions. But it so immensely wrong in the knowledge forming attributes of internet activity.

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Money makes people change their behavior, bad publicity makes people change their behavior when it translates to poor sales. A handful of people complaining doesn't matter, a viral negative ad campaign that starts hurting your business does.

CNN is fake news. MTV is racist. Kellogs taste like pee.

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Slacktivism is the funny guy term for it