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Wow, she has all sorts of adventures!

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I need use that line before I leave this plane of existance. LoL

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If that girl is as fat as I think she is, then take that owl away from her before she decides to eat it.

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Dude, all toddlers have high fat content. That's what makes them so delicious. I mean that's why they're able to grow so fast.

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Is she holding an owl or holding her own. Look at her eyebrows, she is clearly an owl too http://wingmasters.net/images/owl_close_up.jpg

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That owl would have carried away a normal weight eight year old girl. They had to find some fat little fuck to pose for the pic.

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Average weight of an 8 year old girl is around 50 lbs. Average carrying capacity of an owl is 5 - 10 lbs depending on species. Get your facts straight.

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Thanks, I think I just broke my arm

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You terrible cunts for making me laugh at jokes about children.

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Subpar meme game

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