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Their psyops are great but their reporting accuracy is horrible. /pol/ blames everything on the Jews whether it's their fault or not, /a/ keeps concluding that traps are not gay, /v/ says that all my favorite games suck, and /b/ just sent in a photo of some guy's dick.

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If they did give the job to /pol, I predict they'll have blacks, jews and Muslims killing each other within the year.

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He ain't disbanding shit.

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Here is a compilation of the links I sent to a friend about this:
https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html (the relevant section is detail 3 on page 2)

It's real.

EDIT: Zerohedge has a good summary.

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Looks like a random PDF made by an anon to me. I want to believe, but it's hard.

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Can anyone explain what I'm reading on the archive? They seem to be referencing some prior text about the incident, but I can't see where it starts.

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is that the best we can do for an archive? it doesn't really contain a smoking gun that this is the subject matter.

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It's not real but the funny thing is, if all they have is prostitutes pissing on Obama's bed that makes me trust Trump's judgement a lot MORE.

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Don't link to 4chan: https://i.sli.mg/G7VB7a.png

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Why are we spending billions on these intelligence agencies when some guy with a bit of free time can fool them?

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Great fucking question. And who do we fire for believing shit that can't be substantiated.

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The power of confirmation bias is always underestimated.

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That's some quality 7th floor trolling.

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HAHA This was read live on Rogan podcast by Jamie. He literally calls it BREAKING NEWS.


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Oh shit which one? I gotta see this.

Spez: It was the one with Hunter Maats.

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It goes back to Nov 1st

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haha yeah which one, we need to see this!

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Be CIA investigators. Be all 50+. Still use AOL to access interwebs

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or gmail its beyond absurd

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That one is fake. Throughout the entire report, the "Detail" # never goes beyond 5 or 6, and that is not anywhere in the actual report.

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sounds like he had a great christmas

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a tremendous christmas

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Where is this from? I Cannot find a report that contains the text in this image.

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Reverse Google search: nothing

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Lol! Praise Kek!

(I still think the best 4chan trolling so far was getting all those women to post pics of themselves peeing their pants with the hashtag: #PissYourPantsForEquality)

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when they got women to shave their heads because they made them think justin bieber got cancer was good too

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(hashtag) NoWhiteDemocrats is the ongoing one they're pushing. Fucking hilarious.

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Shows how the CIA is a third world level intelligence agency.

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You mean they have the intelligence of a third worlder hahahaha

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third grader. same mentality anyway.

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I'll be honest, I wish I could deal with the layout and general design of 8chan because /pol/ are fucking at the top of their game.

Did the CIA just publish "fake news" lol, yeah they did. Top kek.

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they are both easy to navigate once you put on your sewage wadding gear, because there is constant shit being pumped into them by the likes of CTR, CIA, and probably every other alphabet agency.......those boards are that powerful; where they have to constantly pump anti-truth, race bait, and all the other fun psy-op type shit.

I love and hate the internet, lol

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