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"Once upon a time coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown."

Yeah, sounds about right.

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Make your own coat of arms full of cock and balls

I would certainly want to see such a piece of modern art. :D

this is just bs that distracts from the Real story

Far from it. It is just another manifestation of the illness.


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Yeah, you're right; if they were still under monarchy.

The symbolism is still the same. Gelding is for traitors.

Luckily for them they voted on it like à Real democracy. The military is happy, the gov't is happy, the people are happy, who cares about the few Nay sayers.

Oh so you polled the population to see how many people approve of this and how many don't? Ok, let's see your data.

What's going on in sweden with the migrant crisis is terrible but this is just bs that distracts from the Real story and is only made to bring in ad revenue.

It's a sympton of the disease. The fact that the government has the time (and inclination) to emasculate their own standards but don't have the time or inclination to deal with a national crisis is the cause of the problem.

Adendum: Dont get me wrong, i hope there's a protectionist uprising in sweden like there was in the USA to help bring balance to all that's going on there. But like this coat of arms, it will be the result of voting and, like with this new coat of arms, the majority will be triumphant. After that it's up to the naysayers to respect the result (unlike what Hillary supporters did) and work for the next election.

Fuck democracy. It's no better than monarchy.


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