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Why does a manager need to know technical details? Example: I used to manage a fabric store despite not knowing how to sew. Knowing how to get results and how to validate productivity is what keeps a specialist and a manager separate.

Another example: a great sales person might make a terrible manager, and a good manager might suck at doing the grunt work.


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i don't want a manager who hasn't done the job i'm doing.


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Any idiot can sew.

Software development not so much, and it's frequently a train wreck when people try to dumb it down. Largely because of that old saying about computers allowing you to make more mistakes more quickly than any other invention since handguns and tequila.

In this context the divergence though is that as someone that doesn't know a thing about software development you will not be able to identify the suggestion from your team member, innocently phrased with positive intent, that actually resolves to "What we really need to do is get some shots running here and start playing Russian roulette."

  • Software developer for twenty years, managed for five.