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You know, I love science and am working on my master's. I speak three languages and travel a lot. I have many hobbies. But I hate fatties. You know, dude, that sub is only a place we go to vent about those annoying whales. I want to have a place to, when I arrived on my home after a day at Uni, go and say what I want to say about fatties. Don't act like we are all a bunch of idiots repeating the same thing all day. We have many hobbies and jobs, and some of us, like you, like science too, ok?


[–] Dumb_Comment_Bot [S] 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

I'm not anti-fph. I used to browse it all the time, that's what I migrated. The top commentor somehow managed to flip the conversation around lol.

Don't worry bro, I hate fatties too :)