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At the same time, don't be so ready to dismiss people who have more experience. Be sure you understand why they are recommending something.

While I would never say "older automatically equals wiser" there is the issue that often someone who's been doing something longer doesn't need your advice because they've tried that approach in the past and it failed.

There's also the issue of risk - sometimes it's really easy to get something done if you just ignore all the safeguards. And that works great until the time it goes wrong.

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I would guess some of the worst recurring nightmares that most older folks have are thinking about the stupid stuff we did when we were younger.


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I get that, some are helpful, yes. At the same time, I look about a decade younger than I am, most people are shocked just to discover my age, then I tell them I had the honor of repairing the Blue Angels' planes and they are floored. I don't even do much repairing anymore, I just tell you if it's broken, and believe it or not, I work with people who don't even know what a capacitor is.