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This is a frustrating mentality. I am a young person and I look quite a bit younger than I really am. At my job, I am actually at least as knowlegable and experienced or more than peplople who jave worked there for years and years, uet people still feel the need to over explain things to me constantly, some of them may be remonded of their children by me, pwrhaps, but others just come off as patronizong. Though, sometimes it's fun to play dumb and then perform a task better than they can.

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Weeee ewwwww weeeeeee ewwwwww.

INTERNET POLICE, GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! This is the last time you misspell a word scumbag!

Edit. I read gud.


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Terrible grammar might have something to do with his troubles.


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It's okay bro, it was his phones auto-correct. His IQ is 150 because he took an internet IQ test, and he's totally a mensa member.


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At the same time, don't be so ready to dismiss people who have more experience. Be sure you understand why they are recommending something.

While I would never say "older automatically equals wiser" there is the issue that often someone who's been doing something longer doesn't need your advice because they've tried that approach in the past and it failed.

There's also the issue of risk - sometimes it's really easy to get something done if you just ignore all the safeguards. And that works great until the time it goes wrong.

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[–] Lev-ice ago 

I get that, some are helpful, yes. At the same time, I look about a decade younger than I am, most people are shocked just to discover my age, then I tell them I had the honor of repairing the Blue Angels' planes and they are floored. I don't even do much repairing anymore, I just tell you if it's broken, and believe it or not, I work with people who don't even know what a capacitor is.


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At my job, I am actually at least as knowlegable and experienced or more than peplople who jave worked there for years and years

check yourself before you wreck yourself. you might find that you're much less knowledgeable than you think. i had a breeze in high school and college because i listened to everything old people told me. some of it was nonsense, but most of it wasn't. it was very frustrating seeing my peers make mistakes that i know for a fact they were warned about by their parents and teachers.


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Pride comes before the fall, my friend. Never turn down a chance to learn. Be humble and patient, and people will want to do things for you. Networking is more important in the job market now than ever before, and success comes from always striving to be better, rather than assuming you're already good enough.

edit: guess he didn't like my advice. Probably thought I was trying to over-explain to him or patronize him.