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I've still never heard of a good reason why they need more women in the industry....just to make people who aren't in the industry feel better about themselves?


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Hi. Chick in a STEM major here.

Any girls I've met along the way haven't given a fuck about how many girls there are. Whenever I hear someone bitching about how tech needs more females I ask what they majored in. If it's not something in STEM, just tell them to shut the fuck up and that their opinions don't matter.


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Exactly. Thank you.

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Unfortunately most females in my university who are in STEM are so full of them selves from all the ways they are trying to cater to them that they now think they are able to shit bricks of gold.


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but... but... I need to invent inequality to complain about it otherwise my life would be worthless


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Pretty much, yeah. Women want all of the cushy jobs that they otherwise would be incapable of obtaining, for various reasons; but with the same amount of effort that it would take to learn to mix drinks. Because any extra struggle that they'd have to endure beyond that, would be seen as "unjustly difficult" and "exclusionary". Basically, if the current year were ~thirty years ago: they'd be the soccer moms pushing the coach to give their kid a participation award, so they don't feel left out— while suggesting that they stop keeping score all-together because then the losers would "feel bad" and "no one should feel like a loser".

More succinctly: women took the concept that "men should always hold the door open for a lady" and fucking ran with it.