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This type of thing will unfortunately disappear if the price of the ads continue to grow at the current rate. Just a few days ago it was around $25 now it's $55. I would love it if there was a 2 tier system where "ads" such as this can be purchased at a rate that just keeps the site running, then actual ads can be purchased at a market rate. Put the "ads" like this at the front of the line, then cycle in the actual ads when the joke "ads" run out.

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15 U.S.C. 77e. Illegal offer and sales of securities.

Let's not run Voat into the ground just yet please...


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It's better just to have a real time bid system with a cpm cost model. Facebook does this and as an advertiser, I really like it. The targeting is also amazing with Facebook. Voat's has a much smaller, more specific market. Not something I would personally buy media on, but maybe for the lulz as depicted in the OP.


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and when a corporation spends real money on advertising space? you still gonna be embracing capitalism then?


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Well it has only been a few days but I am yet to see an actual advertisement unless you include ads for subs. I don't know how many ads have been purchased yet but there will probably be an initial spike in demand which lead to the raised rate but if it isn't sustained atko will be forced to drop the price down again.

On one hand I'd like to see demand increase so voat can stay funded but on the other hand I want more joke ads.

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