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She stepped out of her comfort zone to do the show? Oh, there wasn't a pig trough full of Twinkies on the runway!


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https://archive.is/11N0m :

Tess Holliday struts down the runway in lingerie | Daily Mail Online

'As a size 22 model, Tess Holliday has broken plenty of boundaries, and this week the mother-of-two knocked another career first off of her bucket list. ', "The runway show featured women of all shapes, sizes, heights, and ethnicities, and Tess praised the event for its inclusion. 'It's full of diversity, the way VS shows should be,' Tess added."

'Tess is a strong advocate for body-positivity, and she frequently uses her platform to spread her message. ', "Tess shared a stunning photo of herself showing off her sheer Catherine D'Lish dressing gown for the audience, explaining that she had participated in Buzzfeed's recreation of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.", "Beautiful women of all shapes and sizes embracing their bodies,' one woman wrote, while another said she shed tears because 'this did so much' for her."

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