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I'm not very familiar with Republic Wireless, but it appears that they require a proprietary app in order to utilize their service. I know of no reason that said app would not work with a custom ROM but I expect you can only get it through the Play Store & that it requires Google Play Services. You can certainly install Google Play Services & Play Store on a custom ROM.

Does Republic Wireless have a BYOD option? If not, their app may require a customized kernel (T-Mobile WiFi calling does) which means you are pretty much stuck with whatever they offer.

Edit: I just checked their FAQ & user forums. They do not currently allow you to bring your own device, therefore it is highly unlikely you would be able to use a custom ROM with them. You can certainly use F-Droid & F/LOSS apps on your Republic Wireless phone, but I don't think that's quite what you are hoping for.


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Republic Wireless was just an example, there are a ton of different available services. Thank you for the information though, seems like I'm going to have to do some real hunting between various providers and see what's available. I wouldn't have thought that they would use propriatary apps and that'd involve Play Services, I really don't know anything about this stuff. Just exploring options.