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Thanks for the list.

I'm bummed that XMPP never really took off, as it does offer end-to-end encryption with the proper clients; people are too lazy to download another SMS service that actually helps them. FFS

Thanks from a dude who is currently trying to distance himself from the google-verse -- unfortunately on a Google flagship phone. Can''t wait to buy a clean Ubuntu phone.


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I assume you are on a Nexus. You ought to look into CyanogenMod or even CopperheadOS. You get to remove all closed source Google code & (if you go with CM, I don't know about COS) you get awesome features such as Privacy Guide.

I've been Google free for over a year now & honestly I don't really miss it.

Also, I've been debating getting an Ubuntu Phone for a while. I played around with it via multiboot a version or two ago for a bit & it has promise but it wasn't quite ready to be my primary mobile OS. OTA-11 seemed to bring things that much closer to good-enough.