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Prepare for that to get much, much bigger. As developing countries get wealthier, they also get fatter and more lethargic.

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"Addressing these inequalities in physical activity levels between men and women will be critical to achieving global activity targets and will require interventions to promote and improve women's access to opportunities that are safe, affordable and culturally acceptable," said co-author Dr. Fiona Bull from WHO, Geneva [1].

Yes, that's the main takeaway of the article! Those damn men are still oppressing women, this time by preventing them from exercising. What a dumb assessment. Men work physical jobs more than women. Men go to the gym more than women. If you've ever worked out with a woman before, you know they are incredibly lazy and hate working out (I'm talking about the average not the exception). Let's spend taxpayer dollars on providing (lazy) women with safe, affordable, and culturally acceptable opportunities to work out.

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Isn't socialized medicine great! Just think we are collectively going to be paying for it.