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Its fascinating how much comes down to your ability to focus. Oh boy does your ego try to stop you. Add that to the pain and its really easy to give up before run out of strength.

Getting high can help, I think i will join you. Although I should also give my lungs a break.

Another type is to hang from just your finger tips. rock climbers practice this one. I am also starting to do more finger tip push ups. I want strong forearms.

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1:48 no thumbs on a tree branch.

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really nice

recently I have been getting a bit of pain just bellow my left shoulder blade. I had no Idea what was doing it. Turns out I am weaker on my left side and all this hanging I have been doing is equaling that out. It was DOM's from focusing on keeping my shoulders down and together.

I want to do a 1 arm pull-up. 1 Of my next steps is to be able to hang from 1 arm with my shoulder my my ear then lift my self up with out bending my elbow. So I lift my whole body with just one shoulder. Its growing my back quite fast.

Thicker the branch or bar the better it is for grip strength.

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What size bar are we talking about? I have some 3 or 4 inch bars outside I can try this on.

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I have a fairly small pull-up bar and door frames to hang from. The bar Might be about 4 inch. I want to get a thick bar and some gymnastic rings

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A standard weight bar is 1 inch. Most padded pull up bars are probably 2 inch I think