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Even hitting the gym twice a week for an hour is good. Just pick 6 compound exercises and do 3 each time. Then buy some resistance bands and do high volume biceps/triceps/forearms/delt work with them twice a week. I know bands aren't the most efficient way to build the arms but in addition to squat/bench/row and deadlift/OHP/chinups they'll be effective. Plus they fit in the suitcase.

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I get enough exercise at work that I'm not worried about it. Anytime fitness is the most wide spread or just use hotels with gyms and exercise in the morning.

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Work out before work and do cardio while traveling

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How much time do you have?

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A good two hours. But I'm so drained all i want to do is rest.

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Totally understand that feeling. I just had my second kid three months ago which means no real good sleep for at least 4 months if not longer. Coincidently, perhaps because of this, a fire was lit under my ass to get back into shape and lose the 30 pounds of extra fat I was carrying. I started a 3 times a week full body lifting program shortly after my second kid was born.

I think working out has really lessened the impact of the sleepless nights as this time around I feel way less drained and more mentally alert that I did the first time I went through having a newborn. Coupled with some dietary changes, I've even managed to lose 20 of those 30 pounds of lard and am on track to getting to my fighting weight sometime in November.
It's tough to get into it, but if you force yourself to do it eventually I think you'll find you feel a whole lot better.

As for your specific issues, get some heavy duty elastic bands . Portable so its good for travel or sneaking away from the office for a bit and some can get them to go up to a resistance level equivalent of 175 lbs.

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I hear that. I have a physical job as well. I've been doing strong lifts 5x5, but in the AM before work. Probably only takes me 30-45 minutes 3 days a week.