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Under 5k in 23.5 mins isn't very demanding, high school kids run much faster than that. The ranges that are given are a joke, they should be a set number minimum.

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It clearly stats the minimum and recommended amounts for push-pus and pull-ups. I don't know much about the run

the run doe not seem that hard.

It says that you do it on a treadmill. No mention of how much gear you carry if any.

I am at 42 consecutive push-ups and 10 pull-ups. Sit ups are for pussies instead. Do leg raises L-sits or dragon flags.

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Friend in the navy has said that the first wave of women are about to take the Royal Marines fitness test.

Should women be in the Royal Marines ?

Do you know any women who could pass this test ?

Could you pass this test ?

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I can pass that, im curious as to the time between elements. I would struggle to finnish the beep test immediately after a 23min 5k.

I know two women who could keep up, they are rare specimens.

Women should not be in the military. It isnt just the fitness. The lifestyle itself is harmful to them. I have had far too many friend break hips and turn sterile from overwork. Its just no good

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looks like its a 4 days test where every thing I stated in the title is on day one. Says that they basically camp out for the last night.

broken hips Jeez

They have be willing to give up every thing