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Buy and read Starting Strength before doing this thought. It is the base program this was built off of and does a much better job explaining the mechanics as well as the what/why/when/how.

I'd also say to find a barbell gym (or even CrossFit) to help you learn to do the lifts. I've done Starting Strength, StrongLifts, and Ice Cream Fitness (another one based on SS) on and off for 3 or so years and my biggest roadblock was injury from doing the lifts wrong from self learning.

I'm definitely not trying to discourage anyone, I just wanna help overcome the struggles I saw. I lost over 40lbs with these programs and cardio and got my numbers WAY up on the lifts.

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Thank you for the tip.

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great point.

ask at the gym desk if somebody can show you how to do the exercise. More importantly, get critique on how you're doing it wrong.

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I'd say this is great, but consider adding upper body accessory lifts and upper body to prevent T-rex mode.

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convict conditioning

PDF link 1

PDF link 2

Ideal for beginners. Fix posture. Increase flexibility. Low risk of injury.

The book talks a lot about starting at the beginning, Don't skip stages. If you cant do 3 sets of 30 kneeling push ups don't think about doing full push ups. Again If you cant squats ass to grass don't add weight.

The book also bangs on about form. proper form is so fucking important.

Recently I skipped a stage used improper from and hurt my self. leave you ego behind and stick to the routine.

To hit every single muscle. All you need is 6 exercises, a pull-up bar and a ball.

Each exercise can be made harder or easier.

Day 1 Push-ups and leg-raises

Day 2 hand stand push ups - bridges

Day 3 Pull-ups and squats

Add rest days where needed. Aim for at least 3 sets on each exerciser. Exerciser for no more than 1hour in one go. Or no more than 20mins of tension per muscle 3 times a week, Legs can tack a bit more.

With out pull-up bar I when from 0 to 3 fingertip pull-ups on door frames.




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The thread is dead, make a post about it. V/fitness needs content.

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100% behind this workout, been using it for years on and off.

This program will get your entire body stronger, not buffed, not ripped, not a bodybuilder, just strong af

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strength = muscle size.

It's that simple. Do a muscle size comparison between a person who benches 30 pounds and a person who benches 200.

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Kinda, you dont have to lift heavy to get buff.

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Here's a direct link to the stuff hidden behind the creepy salesman shit and newsletter subscription:


Here's an archive of them: https://file.io/Jw1qaW

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I don't want to gain weight, I just want core strength and to be lean. Any suggestions for a total n00b? I've been following Tabata, easy and quick, but I want something more challenging that won't bulk me.

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I just want core strength and to be lean.

Then do the program and eat low carb/at a caloric maintenance or slight surplus. A lot of people have this misconception that heavy lifting is going to make you blow up. You really have no idea how much you have to eat/how much dedication that takes. If you do SS/Strong lifts for 6 months and eat well, you'll be strong as fuck without being massive. And you'll definitely get a good core.

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Muscle is a lot smaller than an equivalent weight of fat. If you lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll still be smaller than you were. And don’t worry about accidentally getting huge muscles. If you’re a chick, it’s essentially impossible, and if you’re a dude, you have to supplement like crazy and lift multiples of your bodyweight.

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You sound like a chick. Train explosively and you won’t “bulk”. Do box jumps, sprints, planks, tyre work with a sledge.

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Pull Ups [Rows if you can't do a pull up], Prisoner Squats, Push Ups, Bridges

Done ever other day, brisk walk on days off


2 sets each, the first set you stop just a few reps shy of failure, rest one minute, do another set.

If you don't even get half of the reps the second set then lower the reps of the first down next workout.

If you match it continue until you fail and start with that rep count next time.

When you can do 12 reps of any exercise either move on to a tougher exercise or another set.