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You need to calculate your daily macros. How much protein, fat, and carbs you need for how much energy your exerting. The formulas have been tweeked for more precision in the past couple years but for a while it was pretty standard that you wanted half your body weight for protein and fats and 1:1 for carbs. So if you weighed 150lbs you'd need about 75g of protein and fats and 150g of carbs.

Protein powder is a means of giving you additional protein without adding a ton of fats and carbs too. If you're able to meet all of your nutrient goals for the day without a protein shake you never need one. My brother is a powerlifter who's currently ~250lbs and has remarkable PRs, He's well over his 1600 total goal for squat deadlift and bench and he bulks on around 5500 calories or so. Something crazy like that. He drinks a gallon of milk a day plus a protein shake to get to his daily nutrient goals.