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After ww1 the kikes orchestrated the great depression, where pretty much all major nations decided to stop using gold as their currency backing. In turn, the kikes bought up all the gold, thus ensuring that no nation can ever go back to the gold standard without it being in full control of kikes.

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Hard to argue with that, but equally hard to buy a candy bar at the 7-11.

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I shoot copper bullets into a dirt hill. If times get tough, I'll mine my range hill

But they just keep getting better, regardless of what the TV says

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One of the reasons I still use reddit is /r/silverbugs. Do many of you faggots buy silver or gold? Down vote for no.

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Gold and silver are great for the long long long-term. If you have too much money and not sure what to do with it then I think gold is a great investment and silver is an okay investment --- this is my opinion from history.

If you don't have too much money on your hands then you are better off storing food, water, fuel, ammo, alcohol, tobacco, toilet paper, etc etc. There is a good reason that some primitives were able to survive, they planned for the future with necessary essentials.

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Silver is basically useless but it's OKAY as a money store. Gold or platinum are better for storing money. Gold is shit for making money these days. Roughly the end of 2008 gold was $1000 an oz. It had a huge rise and crash. But today is worth only $1200. $200an oz over 10 years is way worse than almost any other investment. The world just doesn't run on gold anymore.

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That's due to commodity swaps.

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The Fed taxes so much it just throws it in the fire to control the value. The rest it launders through wall street to buy / own all the major economic pillars of the country whether they profit or not.

Our economic system is broken. The economic system is supposed to be a medium for us to produce industries and goods and hire each other but the whole thing is funneled for us to work for their corporations and smother our businesses and hiring each other.