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the pay period is fixed by date - if you started at the end of it, you only get paid for the days you worked during that pay period. this is perfectly fine and normal. next pay period you will get paid the full two weeks.

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Shit, I wish I knew... Only reason I took it was because I thought my first one would be a full check...

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It has been prorated.

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My salary is basically a daily rate, in practice.

It's whatever amount per year, divided by the number of work days. My tax return shows the amount I'm supposed to get paid, but if I took more days of than I had paid vacation it'd be short.

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I think this post is fine, but just for future reference, if you have similar questions in the future /v/personalfinance might be a prefereable sub. It has 4 times the number of subscribers for one thing.

As to your question, the other responses were correct. Salaried positions do pay a set amount for a set period of time. But if you do not work that set amount (generally by starting or leaving a position by sometimes due to leaves of absence), then your pay will be pro-rated to reflect the portion of the period when you were working (virtually always by the day, but occasionally by other periods).

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I'm not an expert, but it isn't that simple. The last salary position I had I was eligible and paid OT for anything over 40. Which I know says nothing to your situation, but it shows there are exceptions.

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haha nice