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It's funny because many people will move to crypocurrancy which will be outlawed like gold was and the Internet will be clamped down on so that it can be confiscated/taxed from those who own it or trade it. Of course a select group of people will secure deals to trade the vast fortune of currency they have for real world things prior to the Internet securitization act. War will begin and our youth will be sacrificed and replaced by refugees from the war torn areas (who are ineligible for the draft).

Instead of Rosy the riveter it will be Achmed.

Ah who am I kidding this long term debt-heavy imaginary fiat currency pyramid scheme can go on forever.


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Just because (((they))) say we owe them money, doesn't mean we owe them the money.

I say we remind them the aid given to the Zogland, remind them how many guns we have, and call it a day; after reverting to the gold standard and having Congress print the currency of course.


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What a fantasy that would be