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Instead we did this bullshit:


The fed caused the crisis in the first place.

Central economic planning doesn't work.


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Maybe we should remember that comparing Iceland to US is like comparing a row boat with a huge container ship and our mileage may vary (greatly).


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https://archive.is/3T0gq | https://vgy.me/Eiu7rz.png :

Iceland's recovery shows benefits of letting over-reaching banks go bust

'On Sunday, Iceland ended capital controls, finally returning its economy to normal after a catastrophic banking collapse back in 2008 and 2009. '

'Because Iceland was the one country that defied the global consensus and did not bail out its bankers. '

'In this country, Theresa May could finally trigger Article 50, starting the process of taking the UK out of the European Union. '

'But it was relatively short, and once the pain was dealt with, the country has bounced back stronger than ever. '

'In the US, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, putting the country on a path towards getting back to a normal price for money. '

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