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Nice balanced article. It makes a good point that few bacteria survive the trip through the stomach.

begins rambling

I like to think of our guts as a ferment. Just like starting a sourdough colony, if you don't feed it right then the wrong microbes can take over. But, if you keep regularly feeding it the right food, the good bacteria outgrow and dominate the bad ones, to the point where the colony becomes resistant to molds and other infections.

Feeding your gut with foods that are highly refined, sugary, or not often varied could allow bad bacteria to become dominant. Regularly eating healthy vegetables and unrefined foods with little sugar provides the right kind of food for the right kind of gut bacteria.

Now, I doubt that fermented food is a panacea, but fermenting does add flavour, increase nutrient availability, and offer probiotics, so there are likely some health benefits.

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Oh yeah storage is a really good point too.

It still blows my mind that all bread was made with a sourdough colony until less than 200 years ago!