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Just saying - everyone should know that you can report incompetent workers in virtually all fields. In doing so, you will make things safer NOT ONLY for patients/customers, but also their employers, their families, and the offenders themselves. It does no one any good to turn a blind eye to societal rot. For nursing assistants:

https://www.ncsbn.org/filing-a-complaint.htm (overview)

https://www.ncsbn.org/677.htm (discipline resources)

https://www.ncsbn.org/contact-bon.htm (find your state)

Only you can prevent mayo dumpster fires.


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Apparently you can become an STNA in 108hrs.

Looks like even for his profession he chose the shortcut.


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Good old $12 an hour! They make the same as an In-and-out burger flipper.


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"Fat Patient" = instaclick. Not disappointed.

Do you ever have to massage these fat sacks? Can you even find the muscle/bone in there?


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It isn't even worth it if there are mounds and mounds of fat in the way. It can become impractical for palpation of some areas when the person has been eating as if they are saving up to hibernate for a few years. In PT school my classmates were almost entirely lean and fit, and practicing on them vs. being out "in the trenches" during clinicals with real patients is a different experience because almost everyone is obese.

Edit: Plus, I tell them to see a massage therapist if they want a massage. I let them know we will be doing primarily active interventions in PT, haha.... Oh, so easy to trigger...


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"I never knew I'd have to move around and stuff. I mean, it's called PHYSICAL therapy and stuff, but come on now doc!"


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Ugh been going to pt for a torn meniscus and recently plateaued so getting cortisone injections. The whiney fats were enough to boil my blood. They complain about even the most basic stretch and exercise and make excuses for not even walking daily. Meanwhile I'm desperately doing everything to get back to my previous level.


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Wow, I've seen a few hams like this when I go to physical therapy. I am there for IT Band syndrome and I love when they put me on that sliding board in front of the fats. I happily slide back and forth on the mat and giggle about how fun it is and how it's probably a good warm up for a nice run!


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STNA = State Tested Nurse Assistant. Just so no one else has to look it up.


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I'm a good physical therapy patient. I'm a HUGE believer in PT. I do everything my therapist tells me to do and I NEVER complain. When I was in physical therapy last year, the only ones who ever did complain (and several tried to get out of certain exercises) were always fats. Always.


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"Mountain Dew is nectar of the tards." -- Adam Carolla


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I totally get it. Hammate is doing physical therapy for her hip here at home and the whole time she's doing these very basic stretches she's going on and on about how much of a toll it's taking on her.

I've finally come to the realization that the difference between someone like me and someone like her is I will walk 5 miles, even though my knee starts aching at 2.5 miles, I push myself just a little further - you know, outside the comfort zone. That's how you improve.

She pushes just to the point of discomfort and calls it a day. One day the timing will be right for me to have the come to Jesus talk with her. You are NEVER going to lose weight and be even in some kind of realm of normal size if you don't push past the discomfort.

Pain is not going to kill you. Seriously, pain is nerves in your body talking but it's not going to kill you.

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