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Um, because she's full of herself? And ugly? And fat? What do I win, Alex?


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She is ugly and fat, and jesus christ if I heard someone saying these things to me in person I'd walk away. You can't talk to someone who says "I should be getting guys lined up".

Also, the double standard about touching a famous man's butt but no one is allowed to touch hers? Dumb bitch.


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With all her songs about saying no and not needing a man on top of being fat, ugly, and talentless, this is still a question for her?


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This is what I don't get either, why it's a question at all.

I dated a fairly hardcore feminist several years ago for a few months. Obviously, it didn't work out but it was amicable enough we stay friends on facebook. She's only attracted to/dates/sleeps with white guys, but regularly regurgitates nonsense about how white guys have life on easy difficulty, how we're privileged and why we need to check it, etc. She's not ugly (not the hottest chick, but pretty cute) and has a decent head on her shoulders, it's just a shame she filled it with that kinda crap.

Every once in a blue moon though, she'll post wondering why she can't keep a guy around for long, or why she can't find a boyfriend. She gets a lot of reassurance, but I just don't have the heart to tell her there's a pretty obvious correlation. Neither has anyone else apparently.


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I had the exact same experience last year. Dated a hardcore feminist, and she said every guy who's ever dated her just broke up with her and she had no idea why. She also told me my life was handed to me (despite not even having parents and having been homeless.) just because I was white. But she only dated white guys, despite telling me they were the source of all problems in the world. The cognitive dissonance with feminists is absolutely insane. But she was hot and the sex was good so I just dealt with it for a few months, and dumped her and will never speak to her again because she's incredibly insulting and not worth associating with whatsoever.


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Well Meghan maybe it's because it ain't "all about that bass" no normal dude wants to plow a fatty. Especially a no talent fugly fatty.

The comments are glorious!


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'Yo, am I hideous? How am I not getting hit on? I'm super-cool. I'm super-pretty. I've never dressed better. I should be getting guys lined up!'"

AHAHAHAHAHAAHA. HOLY SHIT. Which one of you works at People Magazine? I want to send you a gift. This is satire, right? This has to be satire. First off, I had no clue Megaham needs a Trainor was only 22, I thought she was 32 and that's me being nice. Second, has she seen her face? Bitch could star in "Wicked" and not even need a prosthetic nose or makeup. Hideous is an understatement when talking about this ham. If she "has never looked better" than I cringe to think of what she looked like prior. She has a gelatinous body, she's still fat after she lost weight (read: she took a shit) and I've seen more appealing things laying on the side of I-80 in their own blood.

Fat, Ugly as the day is long, Conceded and entitled. Gee Ms. Megaham, you really can't figure out why you're single?


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Probably because she looks like Mrs. Doubtfire.


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best comment


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Because she's ugly and her music is terrible and gives off a shitty attitude that all men should grovel at her feet.

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When you hear any woman complaining that she can't get a man, it's because her standards are for the top 10%, while her SMV places her in the running for the middle-to-bottom 50%.

Same with men who complain they can't find a "decent" woman.


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Unless of course they're shitlords living in areas overrun with couch bison


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I think your point is what is the truth in these kinds of situations. They aren't saying they can't find a man at all, I'm sure there are plenty tripping over themselves in every pathetic way for her attention. They just aren't getting the "Leo DiCaprio" class of men, as you said the men who could are getting the high class women and don't want a thing to do with women like Trainor.


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And that makes it a 'celebrity' /v/choosybeggar


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Her newest song is entirely based around telling guys to fuck off and not even talk to her. What did she expect?


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"Look at meee! I'm so empowered and unobtainable! I totally don't want your affection!"


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The funniest part is that in that song she says "if I want a man, then imma get a man!"


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That song makes me so angry I can't stand it. But I guess all of her songs do that...

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