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I had a relative who was all into HAES and that bullshit. Big guy. Loved him. We all did.

He had to have one leg amputated due to diabetes.

Went to the doctor later and was told the other had to go.

He went home and shot himself.

I tell that tale with a glaring look of hate in my eyes. I let everyone know that won't happen to me or my kids. Fuck their feelings if we don't have cookies to fit in with what everyone else is doing.

Fuck their feelings.


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I openly tell people my dislike at sit back and wait. Fatties do my speaking for me. My friends that work restaurants see the horrible fatties come in and be rude and tip shitty, the woman I love is not on board the hate train yet, but has started putting her foot down when a fat enters the store and asks for assistance with heavy product, a friend was amazed her friend was so selfish and so into herself and her bf and I mentioned that she was obese, what did you expect? And watch her connect the mental dots.

It's pretty easy. Mention your hatred, why you will not willingly associate with planets and watch people start making the connections in their own lives.

I don't hammer into people why they should hate the fats, I just mention my views and watch glorious shitladies and lords be born.

Then I'll mention this site and see if the vitriol and hatred takes root.


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Step 1: A person has to realize they are powerless to resist their natural drive to hate hamplanets, and the hamplanets bring all of the hate on themselves for being subhuman garbage.

Love your indirect evangelism.


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It is the best method so far, I used to hammer people with my hate. I came off as narcissistic and shallow.

Just being subtle laying out your have one prejudice (aside from illiteracy, that pisses me off, told the batista at Barnes and Noble, obesity and illiteracy, welcome to america) will make people realize that you only hate the people that willingly do what you hate to themselves.

You don't hate minorities, you don't hate race or religion, you hate people that practice ignorance and idiocy.

You made me think of powerwolf, song "raise your fist evangelist"

People that aren't fat want to hate the fat, but it's impolite to do so, just give them that nudge and watch the snowball effect.


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Everyone hates fatties. Everyone. Some people just don't know it yet.

Fatties, especially, hate themselves. And to deal with the pain of self-loathing, they eat...which just makes them more fat and makes them hate themselves more.


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But they are people too!

Yeah, because you know, mothers give birth to 400 lbs heifers.


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Obease children might be a good start. Obease parents ruin their kids.


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You can provide them with your opinions, but you can't change anyone but yourself.

Maybe you'll win a few over, but unless you're really charismatic and convincing you'll have a hard time. Consider that most people won't immediately jump to 10 with you. Start at 1. Build up with jokes and examples of their stupid behavior. See what happens, but don't get upset if you can't change their mind.


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You just have to show them, like Kurt Russel did in The Thing.