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I want fit workers, not fat. That is a minimal condition, the lowest of the low. It's like being nice, it is to be expected and not applauded.

Those who accepted could not be more different from eachother, but one thing they have in common is that they are both fit, and not even skinny-fat.

Anyways, thank you! I hope to one day have an employee as shitlordy as I am :)


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I wish my boss was like you I'm honestly getting really resistant about having to go to work because coworkers = all fats and they relentlessly flirt with me, I don't want to rock the boat because I'm relatively new but this was one of the reasons I transferred out of my last location


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My mom worked in HR. When I was working for a non-profit I was bitching to her about all the fatties I had to work around she says, 'Ohhh non-profits, I always wondered who hired the fat people.'


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I work at a NP. We are all skinny. It's pretty nice.


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It really shouldn't be an issue. Fatness isn't a protected class and I've even seen official job hunting tips include not being fat as it shows you're a lazy glutton and whatnot. It's definitely a legitimate reason not to hire someone.


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It is only in one state, Michigan.

But even then one can see them as ill-suited for a lot of things as they tend to gossip, bitch, and worse.


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Seems risky legally. But just go with good old not a good fit with company culture. Culture of not being a fattie


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They also ALWAYS create hostile work environments with their gossip, lack of consideration and general constant bitching


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It's a dream of mine to be in your place, where I'm hiring and can turn down fat after fat. Sigh.


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Fatties are lazy, a burden on (employer) healthcare, you need to buy more toilet paper and snacks for the community kitchen (if yall have one), they take up more office space, they smell, and 100% will bitch about something. Dude idk man, Id never hire a fat.