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oh my god, her second post. "oops, I had a frappucino while buying slip-on shoes". ARE YOU KIDDING? You can't even go buy a pair of shoes without stuffing your face? Hopeless.


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Also, apparently buying the shoes will make their finances tight for the next couple of months, but she didn't care. Typical fucking self-absorbed eatbeast.

But hey, she really totes needed those shoes to exercise so she can lose weight, because biceps curls just don't cut it. Except that she will not lose any weight because she doesn't have a fucking clue on how to go about it -- pro-tip: EAT LESS, STUPID -- so all she really accomplished here was to waste her family's money on useless shit.


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Literally anything but eat less.


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How pathetic can a person be? If you'very shoved so much food into your gullet that you can no longer tie your own shoes, maybe, just maybe, it's time to examine your sad life.


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Friday's happy wine-inducing thought: these people are all at liberty to vote and procreate as they see fit.

I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed, and I'm about ready to say screw it again....on day one. My family doesn't care that I don't participate and no one wants to offer me support when I get frustrated, not sure what the point is.

No-one's gonna coddle me! Waaaaah!

So I went out, had a frappucino (oops) and bought 2 new pairs of shoes even though we really didn't have the extra money.

What do you mean oops? Frappucinos don't leap into your gob. You waddled to a counter, spoke to an undoubtedly revolted person, paid money, and willfully consumed it.

I've already cut soda for the most part, and frappucinos aren't a normal vice for me....just the emotions taking over.

Emotional eating is such, such a bullshit excuse.

I was so high emotion that I couldn't solve the problem until I vented and let the emotions flow.

Your problem is that you eat too much and too frequently. You're also a self-absorbed idiot.

Anyway, I love all the encouragement I'm getting here.

I hate that the prelude to the Singularity is muddied by people like this.

Luckily my husband wasn't phased when he saw me hug some random guy on the walking trail.

Husband: "Good! Maybe she'll leave me for some other sucker."

Random guy: Get it off! Get it off!