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Since you are new, take as many pains as possible to not be alone with her. This will force her to make her disgusting comments in front of other people (providing you with witnesses). Then document them all.


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Step #1 use your mobile phone to record all conversations whenever she's around (get your mates' permission before doing so, obvs). That way you'll have indisputable proof of the ham's inappropriate harrassments.

Step #2 take your sufficient evidence to HR and lodge a complaint of harrassment against it

Step #3 watch and laugh as it cleans its desk after termination

Step #4 post updates to FPH.

Step #5 profit!

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Yeah you can skip Step #1.

Secretly recording people at work is not a good idea. I once heard of a dude getting fired for setting up a webcam to catch whoever was stealing from his desk. That one was a load of bullshit, but just putting it out there so people know.

Hidden cameras in an office environment can be a very touchy subject. A detailed log, with witnesses to a couple events, is more than enough to dispense of the ham.


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You are one classy shitlord/lady. Do this op, you don't have to lower yourself a cm.