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found out that night that this shitbag can't even breathe properly at night and could break the world record for loudest snore

Any landlord, including a College, needs to provide some basic arrangements, one of them being the right to "quiet enjoyment" of your rented residence. (It has a specific legal meaning. see )

You need to call a LAWYER immediately. See if there's a free "Legal Aid" organization. They love landlord/tennant issues. Let them put this beast in a private accommodation. Let the school know you will sue because you can't properly attend college if you can't sleep, and you're not getting the basic accommodation you're paying for.


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Oooooh, I like this!


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Whatever you do, do it quick. It will not take long before that room develops an odor that will last well after it has been vanquished.


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I think schools have special litigation processes outside of normal law when it comes to roommate placement and on campus altercations. This is how they get away with so much bullshit.

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This is true. She will need to breach the "peace" and be an undue burden to your suite-mates as well. See if you can get her on violations of the building.


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Can confirm, I had a similar living situation when I was in college and the fat fuck tried to have me thrown out of the room so he could have the biggest room in the dorm as a single.


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I really doubt they'd do anything this semester. Our waiting list for housing is ridiculous. If anything they might tell me to try and get a dingle room next year.

Edit: Meant single not dingle. But I won't edit it out for the sake of GerbilParachuteSquad's joke.

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