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[–] HAESisalie 20 points -15 points (+5|-20) ago  (edited ago)

Fuck off with your shaming. Red pill is about not living your life in female servitude, and nothing to do with being "beta and not being able to get laid." Most of them have been married and divorced etc and had more pussy than manginas who are so insecure they have to try to shame other men to make themselves feel better.

PUA's are the ones who try to neg "chicks" to pick them up. Nothing to do with red pill at all.

Post an address and we'll make sure to send you the trophy for finally getting your dick wet, you stud you.


[–] FattyHater 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago 

Lol ok sorry didn't mean to hurt your feelings.


[–] HAESisalie 16 points -14 points (+2|-16) ago  (edited ago)

Your being a weak minded dumb ass doesn't hurt my feelings at all, but I am not going to sugar coat things for you and your little cuddle box.

You want your trophy for finally getting laid or not?