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I'm not going to get in an argument about this- clearly you don't the same views as this community and that's fine, but don't come here expecting us to have sympathy for fats. Particularly when, judging by your comment history, you have no sympathy for refugees/migrants (who cannot control where they were born), yet you do have sympathy for fatties (who CAN control their weight).


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sympathy for fats

I've no sympathy for fats. It's just that nobody benefits from fat society. Expensive healthcare, queues to doctors, expensive healthy food, expensive meds, expensive life insurance - those are results of obese, diseased society. Don't tell me you haven't experienced it.
If it takes wider doors in gyms to get me shorter queue for orthopaedist (because fewer people have problems with muh thick bones), then I'd rather not shit on fats from the get go.

judging by your comment history

Oh, so you even resort to stalking. K.

cannot control where they were born

Yeah, but similarly as fats they can control themselves and not loot, kill, and rape (sometimes in that order).