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Oh wow. First of all, when the crack between your "tits" (disgusting potato sacks of lard) gets longer than a foot, that should maybe open your eyes a little. Something else that should open your eyes to how repulsive you really are is the fact that your husband is on subs like this, watching actually beautiful, in shape women, imagining what it would be like to fuck someone with real muscle tone, without 40 extra pounds of human per square fucking inch. He can't even begin to comprehend what it would be like to be able to SEE his cock going into a girl, instead of being lost in the oblivion of your combined rolls and folds of fat. How amazing would it be to have a woman who could actually get on top of you and ride, without crushing you, without sweating a fucking ocean, and without getting tired and panting after 35 seconds? Let me tell you, it's infinitely better than whatever the hell you two do, two pigs rolling around in eachothers filth. Fuck you, fuck your fat ass, fuck your husband, and fuck your pathetic little ponies.

This is probably the best thing anybody who has called themselves "Anal Fanatic" has said. Ever.


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The 13th amendment banned owning people this badly.


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True, but then again this is a pig so its perfectly legal with a permit!


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God-DAMN! I'm starting up an Anal Fanatic fan club!


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9 comments. 18 upvoats. Yet people on the thread are complaining that FPH is brigading and downvoating in masses. It's like some people can't fathom that fat people are disgusting so they get downvoted for it by regular people. Ugh.


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Brony zoophile: "Looks like she was right, woke up with my cock in her mouth."

Shitlord: "On a scale from 1-10 how concerned were you that she would bite it off and eat it?"



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Oh my gosh what gold! Two filthy pigs bragging about their sex life (read - bouncing on top of each others stomachs and fighting his impotance and erectile dysfuction)

That was fucking hilarious! :D How did it all start though?


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I linked to the funniest part, but it started because male ham posted a MLP meme in /r/NSFW_GIF and got something like 2000 downvotes. Hate to admit it, and I didn't actually go there, but I found it because the SRD post about it made the front page.


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Thank you for telling me and sharing it anyway! :D what a place to bring up MLP lol


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The guy is now at about -4,000 and SubRedditDrama is accusing Voat of brigading despite the fact that this post only has 32 upvotes and the SRD post has 3,800.


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How do you afford all the krill you have to feed that whale when yall go out to eat?

OH MY FUCK MY SIDES. I actually laughed out loud at this at work, which does not ever happen to me.


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And you just know 50% of the people laughing with here are also fat. Ahh, fattit.


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Looks like there are still a lot of shitlords left on reddit.