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I watched until I heard "These people have a disease, it's not their fault". REALLY? This makes me so sad.


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stigma demoralizes people

If that were true, why doesn't Japan have a widespread obesity crisis? Why do people get fatter after discovering FA and not being shamed?

We can't ignore just how debilitating stigma is on the everyday functions of people who are affected by their obesity.

Change "stigma" to "obesity" and it would be accurate.


TIL a factual statement--"you're too big to fit into any of these dresses"--is deliberate meanness. Should her grandmother have had her try on and rip the dresses? Would she have felt any better with that option?


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The most common stereotypes listed:

They say this as if it's a superstition and statistical realities are an illusion.


For the "anti-fat-bias" people to be correct, lying down on your ass and pigging out would have nothing to do with obesity.

lacking discipline

If you can't stick to a diet plan, which requires discipline, what does that say about your personal discipline?

lacking willpower

See above. How many fat people were at the entrepreneurs' summit? Zero.


IQ inversely correlates with obesity when you control for all other factors. Low IQ --> high time preference --> bad dietary choices.


See: the Shae post. And wafflestomping.


See the post on IQ.

The HAES is strong with this film, which is why it's so entertaining to people who know FA is bullshit. Good find, OP.

Here is an antidote for context.