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Ok, for all those in the military. Don't date these fat asses. Patiently wait until you get deployed over seas, hopefully asia they are desperate for western men and they are thin and will treat you like a king. Patience. There are fleshlights now and free internet porn and ways to manage your virgin status. Just anything but a fatty. They are cheating on you anyway.

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[–] INTERNET_TRASHCAN 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago 

*while exploiting his mom's credit, and enriching his wife, who disappeared entirely the millisecond that sweet, sweet, death-pay hit her bank account. "Oh that $400K should be spent on necessary things/services for the funeral? Fuck that. The mom can pay. If I pay, I'll only have $395K left, which will barely cover the 100 vacations and outings I have planned to find a new soldier husband."


[–] ShitlordedByFacts 2 points 18 points (+20|-2) ago  (edited ago)

All your money goes to your wife by default unless there's some other arrangement in play, which most young couples don't have. He probably didn't intentionally plan this.

The government never assumed when they granted legal rights to couples that you'd be so goddamn retarded that you'd literally entrust half your hypothetical kids DNA, half your money and stuff, and most of your social interactions for the rest of your life to a degenerate beast with no empathy or self respect.

It's like a fad now to hate on marriage in our society. There's nothing wrong with marriage. It's who your dumb ass married that's the problem.


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Sorry this shit was exactly why I my ex-husband was only set to receive 50k and my parents 350k. We've know each other for 18 months and have no debt or children. Surprise he got fat, like put on 70 pounds (blamed it on winter, seriously), and fucked my neighbors fat wife while he was deployed. Female military are not immune from their spouses catching dependitis.


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My SO's ex wife is a fat fat. Thankfully, he has me now and he and I laugh at fat people together.


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My fiancé's ex is fat. She managed to get him pretty fat when they were dating (she started gaining a lot of weight after they were 2 years in). He lost the weight, realized his five years with a lazy parasitic slob was less than he deserved, and traded up to a fit shitlady who's never been fat a day in her life.

While our SO's exes are full of excuses, we're full of ambitions. While they prefer to cut corners and live in a delusional world, we take action and work to improve ourselves. Fat people make terrible SOs.


[–] Thinnerprivilege 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

The issue is when they date/marry someone thin, then they come back from deployment to a spouse 100+lbs heavier. Obesity isn't gunetic, having a spouse over in Iraq is stressful and emotional and when people eat their feelings instead of finding a counselor they get fat as fuck.


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Meh. If you eat to overcome stress you are mentally weak and/or making up excuses. It is not as stressful as actually being deployed overseas.


[–] NoPenisForNeonHams 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

For those in the military, get the fuck out and prevent anyone else from joining until the US agrees to wage war on obesity and actually win it. No respectable soldier should be fighting for fat pieces of shit. After the horrors of battle, the last thing I'd imagine you'd want to see was a bunch of hams tooling around on scooty puffs.


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Perfect scene for a modern remake of Oliver Stone's Born on the fourth of July: scenes of the drawn-out carnage and horror of battle ...then the camera fades and you're transported somewhere else, you get an extreme zoom-in of the face of a battle-weary man with a frozen look of astonishment, camera pulls back and man still frozen, camera pulls back and you see he's in a wheelchair and is legless, camera pulls back more and circles slowly to be behind him so you see what he sees - you're in a Walmart filled with obeasts on scootypuffs locomoting around with no care for the world... - he loses his will to live.