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She was already under eating. If she ate even less she'd likely start suffering from malnutrition.

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when you're recovering from an eating disorder, you actually need to ramp up slowly and then eat more than your TDEE because, for awhile, your metabolism is actually ramped up during recovery. it's really hard to get your diet right because you can't just start eating normally right away and you can't just eat to 'maintain' because you will still lose weight for awhile until your body heals. best to leave the diet advice to a doctor.

also, aside from the psychological, which would prevent one from 'just' doing anything, people with anorexia can develop an addiction to the chemicals released in their brain when they don't eat, so they need to be weaned off of that addiction just like any other addiction. you start to get a 'high' from not eating and you crave that feeling.

source: recovered for 15 years this december


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You edited your reply. TDEE was not mentioned. You said something like "stop exercising and eat less". That's what I was referring too when I brought up malnutrition.