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I'm a nice person

wishes everyone else was ugly

That's not how this works.


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Why improve yourself when you can make others worse?


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That's current day feminism. Elevate yourself by tearing other people down to your level or lower.

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The ole' crabs in a bucket scenario


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Exactly. There are two ways to move yourself up the ladder in life. The first is through hard work and dedication (a touch of luck doesn't hurt, but isn't required). The second is to lower the bar.

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"I'm so nice that I hate a whole group of people and wish bad things against them."

I need a boyfriend to have a life

I'm sure if someone could look past the fat, the terrible personality and the stench of desperation would keep it single.


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Jealousy and spite are always indicators that a person is particularly nice.


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The last line is the most ridiculous of all, and I don't think I have seen this one yet on FPH so I figured I'd share.

If the fat acceptance movement convinces anybody to give up on their health and become a mayo monger than they weren't too bright in the first place. Look at some of the front runners for the HAES and FA movement: Virgie Tovar, Jess Baker, Ragen Chastain, and the millions of others that put energy into this garbage. Why on earth would anybody aspire to be like them? They are bitter, decrepit weaklings that spend most of their life eating and the rest complaining about what they can't do instead of actually trying to do it. They aren't beautiful on the inside, they are vile creatures who are green with envy towards people who have what they want. They have given up on themselves. Anything that requires hard work, determination, self control and intelligent thought is lost on those people. Don't believe me? Look at their life, read an excerpt from their blogs or read a post by anyone of them. They are always playing the victim, finding ways to make themselves seemed like an oppressed minority when in fact they are the opposite, they put others down to bring themselves up, and even their "jobs" require next to no work. They stand infront of a podium and complain about what they can't do.

If that is there idea of a satisfying life, so be it. I want mine to be filled with adventure, excitement, passion. I want to look back on my life and say "you know, that was really hard but the reward was completely worth it". Nothing good comes easy. These "women" didn't wan't to put in the work or self discipline to make their lives worth while, and honestly that's just fucking pathetic.


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It also highlights that the fat acceptance movement has nothing to do with accepting being fat, it's about making everyone fat so no one is fat.


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If that is there idea of a satisfying life, so be it. I want mine to be filled with adventure, excitement, passion. I want to look back on my life and say "you know, that was really hard but the reward was completely worth it".

I said something very similar yesterday, and that's basically my approach to life. Always find challenges, always find new experiences, and get as much out of life as you can. It's one of the reasons I hate fats; they could be attractive and make the world a more beautiful place, but instead they are ugly and pollute it.


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Agree so much with your challenges reference. I'm likely about to be pushed into what amounts to a data entry position because a fat chick can't seem to grasp the concept of 8-5. What I'm doing now is challenging in its own way. It requires creative thinking, problem solving and planning ahead. Because I'm the low woman on the totem pole, when she moves to another department, I will very likely end up with her job. Mine will then be spread out amongst the two other women on my team. I should mention that all three of us are at capacity as it is. Ugh. I adore my boss, but his hands are tied as he is not an owner-manager. Time to polish up the resume. 😡

I really like my current position. Fat people really do ruin everything.

Sorry for the rant. This just landed on my head yesterday.


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I heard a talk from a man who had lost both hands in an accident.

He said, before the accident, there were 10,000 things I could do. Now there are 8,000. I could spend my time moaning about the 2,000 things I can't do - or spend my time doing the 8,000 things I can.

He climbed mountains. Without hands. And these fat fucks moan "woe is me, I'm fat and stuck, it will never change". Fuck them. A man without hands climbs mountains, yet they won't even put down the 4th box of donuts.

Fat people don't deserve to breath my air.


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Damn. She'd rather change the entire world just so she doesn't have to.


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Its infuriating, isn't it? Imagine if the majority of people thought like this throughout history? Where would we be now?

Just because something doesn't come easy to a person, doesn't mean that person should just give up. Essentially, that's what the fat acceptance movement is. A bunch of bovines bitching about how something was hard so they gave up (only they place the blame elsewhere, never on themselves) instead of facing it head on and conquering it.


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Yep. It's easier to say it's society's problem and call it a day.


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I want everyone to lower their standards because I won't better myself.


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I'm a very nice person on the inside

and it's logically consistent that

I hate people because they're prettier than me


I wish all the women were ugly

The world is so unfair!!!


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"i am beautiful on the inside so i want people to live a miserable life because my self esteem is so incredibly low"

yeah, very beautiful.


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What life? According to her, bf =/= life so therefore she doesn't have one. Besides, you're not supposed to find logic in her words, just sympathy. How else is she supposed to play the victim and get attention? Fee Fee's, ya know?



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The most annoying part about shit like this is the army of fatties that come out and say "Ugh, that's just one person. We don't all hate skinny women." Which is a bunch of bullshit (and I'm sure other shitladies can back me up on this) because some of the meanest comments I've ever received came from jealous fat girls. We are constantly bombarded with "Real women have curves" and "So-and-so looks like a bag of bones, she could really use a sandwich LOL." They hate us for being healthy/thin and they hate men even more for being attracted to us. But tell me again how you're such a "nice person on the inside!"


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Fat women are some of the meanest people I've ever encountered. No skinny/fit/normal sized women or girls have ever been so cruel or vicious.


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So much this! My GFs and I openly admire beautiful women. We have nothing but praise when a fit chick walks by with an ass to die for.

Cue last weekend. BFF and I were out on the town with our guys. In rolls this lovely lady in a gorgeous wedding gown, new hubby and wedding party in tow. We looked at each other and called out to her, "You are so pretty, that dress is amazing on you!" with heartfelt, genuine happiness for her. Sincerely, I felt glad for her. Fat women could never feel this way. Being fat sucks in so many ways, apparently.


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That's all the more reason to be attractive and flaunt it.


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God didn't put you on this planet. You are a planet.

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