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Probably an at-will employment state. They can fire you for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. Shit sucks but hey, that's the law.

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What federal law requires employers to have a "documented good reason to fire you"? You're not familiar with employment in the United States.

Most big companies document their reason for firing you because they're large and bureaucratic. Also, the documentation helps them if you make a claim that they fired you for an illegal reason (such as race). Lack of documentation doesn't help you if you claim that they fired you for a legal reason, and, since all reasons that aren't explicitly illegal are legal under federal law, making fun of cows during your own free time is a legal reason to fire you.


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Nope. You can be fired for no reason at all. At will, means at will. If you are not a salaried employee you can be let go for nothing. "your position is no longer needed" or "We are moving in another direction" are some of the good ones. You can be replaced by another worker in a foreign country after you train them, of course they get paid less, so it's a benefit to the company. CA at will employment rules. Unless you are black or gay you can't really fight it.


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No she can't. Federal law only applies to government jobs and corporations that receive government money. Retail would not fall under that. It does not matter the size of the corporation. McDonald's fires people all the time for no reason. She is screwed.


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Q: Was it wrong for my boss to fire me after a stranger sent in photos of my private text messages?

I’m a part-time retail employee at a clothing store. I left work a couple of weeks ago, got on my bus to head home, and as always, spent the time on my phone.

At one point, my boyfriend texted me asking if I’d left work yet. I wrote back saying something to the effect of ‘Yes…and I can’t be home soon enough. I’m tired and the fat cow sitting next to me is taking up half my seat as well as hers AND hasn’t heard of deodorant.”

I was called into my boss’s office at the start of my next shift and told that someone complained about me. I couldn’t think of any way I could have upset a customer…until my boss showed me a series of photographs the person who must have been sitting behind me on the bus took of me and my phone screen, having recognized me from the store yesterday.

I got fired, but I think it’s ridiculous. I wasn’t wearing anything that identified me as a member of my company at the time. What I do in my own time is my own business.

I’m now struggling to find another job, because my store manager has refused to let any of the department managers give me a reference, presumably because she’s offended because, well, she’s also the type to pin the poor size 2 girl next to her against the wall!

Who was in the wrong here?

Everyone, to differing degrees.

Most of all, your employer. It’s no one’s business what you write in private text messages to other people in your personal time. You had a reasonable expectation of privacy in sending a private text message, and they’re wrong to fire you over this.

The woman behind you was out of line in reading over your shoulder, photographing your phone, and sending it to your employer. She shouldn’t have been looking at a stranger’s phone in the first place, and she must have had to make a point of trying to see what you were writing; it’s not like it was forced into her line of vision and she couldn’t help reading everything you were writing. (And even if she hadn’t been able to help it, the polite thing to do in that case is to pretend she didn’t see it — she doesn’t get to comment on, let alone photograph, someone else’s private messages just because she happened to be able to see them on public transportation.)

But your employer is worse. The woman who emailed them was a busybody, but they’re the ones who actually fired you over this. They’re totally in the wrong.

But for what it’s worth, you yourself aren’t coming out smelling like a rose here — and not because of your actions in this story, but because of your commentary on it: You have a pretty gross attitude toward overweight people. Your comment about your store manager at the end of your letter is rude and out of line. That doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t deserve to be fired for what happened, but you’re going to lose a lot of sympathy in life for talking about other people that way, and rightly so. Your boyfriend might be fine with you calling people “fat cows” (although he shouldn’t be), but making a snarky and insulting comment to a stranger (me) about your boss’s weight says to me that you’re out of touch with how kind people talk to and about each other (or possibly that you’re young enough that you haven’t learned it yet). So: Be nicer.

But yes, your company was wrong here, and that text message should have been treated as private.


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Be nicer says the advice. If someone is touching me with their fat and they STINK im sure as hell going to be thinking some nasty things. Probably the majority of the population would be. She put that thought in a personal text... why do we have to censor our thoughts now?? Cause its mean and un-pc?? Humans are judgemental for fucks sake


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Thought police here... Huff Room- puts hand on wall catching breath Room 1 Wheeze Room 101 for yeu... Burp


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I know. For me the response was completely worthless, like this is a question for your local employment agency and/or attorney. But the response that she has a "gross attitude" towards overweight people? Like the woman in question was in her seat and stunk, that alone is 2 reasons to despise someone on public transportation. And then the manager taking personal offense because she's also fat? Sounds like the asker should have gone higher up the food chain in the corporation and argued retaliation. How creepy is it that some fatty (and you know it was a fatty) is looking over your shoulder and taking pictures of your texts and sending them to your boss in defense of another fatty? That's so fucking creepy.


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At will means, that you can be fired for no reason. Unless discrimination is involved. Which means that if you are LGBT, or a minority you can fight it saying your boss is racist or sexist, aside from that, I could fire you for not liking your face, or if I don't like your family. Shit I could fire you because I was drunk and you interrupted my nap. As long as you are at will you are fucked. Hello how fucked workers are in the US.


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Shit, Why aren't we starting our own minority movement for thin people? We are an actual minority.


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Because we are busy doing useful things and enjoying life instead of complaining on the internet and making instagram blogs. :) Maybe someone should start some sort of movement related to movement. See who can walk more steps a day or help people with their meal plans or fitness.


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Fuck fuck fuck these hall-monitor types. What kind of sick person would go through all this trouble just to harm a complete stranger who wrote a private message they did not like? It's bad enough they were reading off someone else's phone


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Never happened