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I was so brave and courageous

his strong, powerful hands and forearm

I lost it XD


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Harry Potter fanfiction at its finest. The waiter is Harry, the doctor was professor McGonagall, the fatass is an OC, and the fat friends were all slytherin babes that guys were too "intimidated" by. Also this happened really..........


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Boo.. Let's do this from a Game of Thrones angle. The fat fuck is Sam Tarly. The doctor is clearly me, Ser Alliser Thorne. I put that fat fuck in her place. Of course...the bastard, Jon Snow, shows up to save the crying fattie at the end of the story.

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"I am a very rich Saudi royal," he said seductively, "who abandoned my country because of its shameful treatment of women." As he spoke, he ran a strong hand along the curves of her Scooty Puff.


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If not, we should collaborate and write some, wring some money outa these beasties. We could make millions.


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I liked how she got even more (realistically) aroused with the surprise "extra chocolate sauce", moreso than with the supposed hunky waiter. Nice touch.