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They don't let things like that in the military.


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That is inexcusable. Letting a fat shit fat up the army is one step bellow letting the enemy join up and putting him in charge of top secret files. It's like renting a log cabin to a family of termites. It's like hiring a third world doctor to do brain surgery. It's like giving the keys to your car to a valet who also happens to be a junkie. It's not funny. It's a fucking sign of decay. It's an invitation to your enemies to have a poke or two.


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I was going to comment to that effect. Military family and have lived in the vicinty of several bases. I dont know why im still suprised by them. I used to think, nah thats some dependant wearing a family members shirt...or maybe ex military and kept the diet and lost the activity.... but nope. How do the pass PT or whatever its called? Isnt measuring waistline and body ratios a thing?


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Looks like someone found the waiver baby.


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The Army and Military are different.

The Military and Navy are both picky right now because they can be.