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Terminal Lance has done several series on these. His descriptions in the comments seem pretty spot on:

"This creature of lore is actually quite common within the Marine Corps. Mostly found in the darkest corners of base housing, Dependapotamus may look like a predator of some kind, but it is actually defined as a parasite. Much like a tick or leach, the creature will engorge itself into gluttony through the benefits and steady paychecks offered by the unsuspecting Marine."


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I love the fuck out of TL and have fond memories of that shit while I was in. My battalion banned the TL hand symbol in 2010ish cause they said it was turning into almost a gang thing lol.

But yeah TL fucking nails Dependas and has great and comical depictions of them. I though about including them in my post but was too lazy to sift through them to find and post them.