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Agreed. I work in Non-profit hospital and we have on average 20 Bariatric patients a day (380 Bed capacity). They need special beds to accommodate them. The wider beds cost around 60,000 US$ (renting them costs a lot as well) and cause many budget issues ie: A lot of them have bed bugs and other Isolations. I have to get help just to move them to there side. We try to inform them about there diet and other procedures to help them but they do not want to change. :(


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To quote Tumblr:

"The doctor wouldn't shut up about my weight! I came in for hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and knee pain, but all they could do was to keep harping on my weight!"


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Gee there just may be a connection there.


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You should bring the XL body bags into the room to show them where they will sleep next time.