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Archive link cause, well ya know, buzzfeed.

This particular fatty grinds my gears. I think it did a piece with another obeast about plus-size clothes on models vs on them. "whaa whaa whaa nothing fits right/looks good". No shit, Sherlock. You can't stuff 300+ pounds of shit into a 100 pound bag.


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Oh is this that same bitch? Big surprise there...

I thought fatfucks were supposed to have good personalities to make up for the outside?


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It is the same bitch. Here's an archive link to the buzzfeed piece - I would link to the FPH post but I can't find it unfortunately.

Think of it this way: if grease guzzlers had good personalities, we wouldn't have as much to rag on them for. Of course they're disgusting cause they're so fucking fat, but the slovenly, entitled, shit attitudes really help fuel that hate fire.

edit: I just submitted this to v/punchablefaces cause I can't stand her that much.


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not to mention she seems to know absolutely nothing about fashion.

I don't know if I understand the point of the "cold shoulder" sleeve in general.

You run a style blog and know nothing about aesthetics?

I would have also put her in that basic bitch sweater + leggings + black shirt outfit or the black skater dress and leggings (though she heavily angled the pictures) and totally understand where those SAs were coming from. Anything with any character only highlights how fat she is.


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She looked frumpy in every single thing. I liked a few of the dresses that she tried on but the whole thing seemed like an exercise in "how much can I slouch to make sure that I look super uncomfortable in every photo?"

That said, I really like the idea of getting a few personal shoppers at different stores to pick out a few things they think are flattering. I'd love to do that, and think I might the next time I feel the urge to update my wardrobe.


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It's also the one that did the thousand dressing room selfies, where the lighting was blamed for her appearance. It's like she's desperately trying to find an external factor to explain why she looks disgusting no matter what she wears...


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TIL there is nothing a fat cunt can wear to make her look human.


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This ^

You can't flatter something that's nonexistent. Features? What features? She's a spoonful of butter away from being a rolling ball of lard.


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Body bag


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Black is so slimming.


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I love how she is constantly fucking complaining that nothing looks good on her. Maybe if she lost a few hundred pounds and re joined the human race again, something fashionable would fit her and not just painting tarps. Her face already looks like someone pulled a "Little Nicky" and hit her with the shovel, so thats a lost cause, but if she got some discipline she could possibly be less horrid to look at.



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This is hilarious because if this "experiment" were done by a skinny girl with, say, a pear-shaped body, I'm certain that 90% of the stylists would have agreed what would be flattering.

But because her body shape is so repulsive, no one can figure out what the fuck to do to try and make it look better. The obvious answer? Try and hide as much of it as possible in big ugly draping sweaters.


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For the life of me, I cannot figure out how old this ham is.. Her insecurity and whininess tells me late teens, but her face and neck fold tells me early 60s.


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She complains that some of them make her look old like her mother. She looks so old. The fat, the glasses, everything about her screams.....ick.


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Thank you. That is all I could keep thinking. How old is this bitch.


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I believe it was in another post that she is like in her late 20s


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I really love her posts in a schadenfreude way. She does a great job explaining that she's a fat sack of shit that's unhappy in life. But like any true fatlogic-impaired ham, she can't see the way that's right in front of her to fix it.

What a moron. She spent all that time she could have been setting up a MyFitnessPal account and buying a kitchen scale and a ham-rated people scale. Just a waste of space on BuzzFat as usual.


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As a Southerner, hot damn that is one ugly critter there!


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They put her in shapeless clothing because she herself does not have a shape. Unless "Crisco" is a shape.


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"Flattering" means to hide features that don't look good and/or highlight the ones that do. In her case, nothing looks good (she'll probably say she has big tits or ass, nope they look like shit) so there is nothing to show off or draw attention to, and pretty much every part of her is hideous. The goal for a stylist then would be to hide her whole body, hence the shapeless colorless pieces that just drape over her. It's really the best they can do. She doesn't even have a waist to make some sort of shape out of her.


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That's the best thing... She constantly complains in other articles that she doesn't have the tits or ass that most fats do.

She knows she's got literally none of the features that other fats use to redeem themselves so she just bitches constantly to make herself feel better!

Apple shaped? Try "planet" you delusional muppet!


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It actually isn't the best they can do - boat necks and a-lines can make most fats look almost human. It's just lazy of the stylists. Source: years of fashion retail

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